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Common App Essay Writing Strategies 2016

To know the basics of good common app essay prompts is the first step to composing anoutstanding paper. Apparently you know that admission officers read thousands of essays daily, the purpose of your writing is to compose something original and effective. Writingcommon app essays is a hard and troublesome process for lots of students, so you will have to practice and spend some time on improving your writing skills in order to receive good results.Below you will find answers on common app essay questions.

Successful Common App Writing Steps

Be original, carefully choose the research theme among a great variety of common app essay topics. One of the first themes that come to your mind may be surely the same one that other students choose, so spend some time to choose something special. Generate topic ideas to catch the attention of your reader.

Find the Preferences of Your Audience

Keep in mind your audience, find out who will be reading your paper and think what admission officers are searching for.

Choosing An Essay Problem

Make sure that problem you choose is worth researching. Show that you are the best college candidate. Keep in mind that you are a center of an essay. Present your experience and explain its significance to you. Provide a story line to approach essay topic. Ensure that you have unique interpretation.

Be personable, make sure your information addresses the particular requirements of the certain college. Try to think creatively. Common app essay has to “show” not to “write”.Furthermore, you may search for common app essay examples and use them as a model while you writing.


Once the paper is written, it is time to proofread it properly. Do not rely on computer's spell checker as this may lead to a poor structure, grammar and word choice. Behind every common application essay writer is usually a good editor!

Attentively research your college before writing common application essay. Start early, do not wait until the last minute.

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Common Application essay

Essay Common Mistakes - Prompts

For many students essay writing seems to be an overwhelming process. This article offers quick answers on essay common mistakes all students face while composing academic essays. Carefully acquaint with the list and try to avoid repeating them.

Time Management

No matter what type of paper you were assigned to write, the first step before you start doing your research is to organize your time. Clearly determine the deadline of your assignment.

Vocabulary Mistakes

To use the correct language, first you will have to acquaint with your audience. As a rule, your essay shouldn't contain slang, colloquialisms and jargon. The most common vocabulary mistakes are wrong word forms, misuse of homonyms, confused words and nonstandard vocabulary.

Content Mistakes

Before you start writing your paper, properly determine the type of the particular essay. In order to not ruin the first impression, do not allow your writing digress from the original essay assignment. Any essay content has to reflect the particular subject area and give your audience answers on main questions. Follow the standard essay structure: an introduction with a thesis statement, main part and conclusion. Write only such thesis that you will be able to develop. Use those thoughts and ideas that will be proved with samples. Conclude every essay.

Style Mistakes

Your writing style will depend on the type of essay you are writing. In order to not make a poor first impression on your tutor, ensure that you wrote your paper in the correct style. The common style mistakes are following: too many passive structure in the content, word repetition, inappropriate phrases and words, too short or too long sentences.

Structure Mistakes

Essay has the particular structure and formatting style. Good essay structure will help you to logically organize all thoughts and ideas. So, there is a strict set of rules that has to be followed by the essay writer.

Spelling Mistakes

Spelling is another important aspect of any academic work. To make a strong impression on your audience you will have to be centered on your spelling. In order to archive ideal spelling, make sure you avoid typos, use spell check.

Punctuation Mistakes

If you think that it is unimportant element of your essay writing, you are mistaken. Using punctuation marks appropriately is an inevitable skill.

Grammar Mistakes

Another important element of effective essay writing is grammar. Keep in mind, a powerful essay is grammatically correct essay.


Plagiarism is a serious crime, using someone's else thoughts and ideas will lead to duplicated content in your paper. Use plagiarism detection software to detect such content.

Close study of all these mistakes will help you to avoid misunderstanding. Knowing and understanding these essay common mistakes is the first step in writing a powerful and outstanding essay within a short period of time.

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How to Avoid Essay Common Mistakes? Custom Papers

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