Writing an Argumentative Essay

The Assignment

Writing an Argumentative EssayIn this type of essay, you have to present your point of view on the particular topic which has been given to you or which you have chosen. This opinion has to be supported with arguments. Each argument that you make has to be backed by evidence. You can readily include evidence based on personal reasoning, but usually you will also have to use facts and possibly statistical data from other sources. If you want to get a high grade, you will also have to counter the main arguments supporting the opposite view. The idea is not to state that they are wrong, but to explain why they may not be valid. This could be due to lack of the most recent information, for instance.

Good Preparation
For writing an argumentative essay, you will need to do extensive research. It is best if you use at least five dependable sources. You will certainly benefit from reading the works of experts in the field. It is best if you determine your opinion after gathering information from valuable sources. This will help you with creating a clear and concise thesis statement and with developing a strong argument.
Once you have gathered all the information that you require, you should create the outline of your essay. This will make the writing much easier and faster as well. Start by creating the thesis statement. Its size should correspond to the volume of the whole work. It should go at the end of the first paragraph. After creating the thesis statement, you should outline each of the points that you will make. Write down the evidence that you will use for each point as well. 

Essay Creation
Begin the essay with presenting the topic. You can use a hook such as asking a provocative question or presenting impressive statistical data. The introduction should also contain a short explanation why the topic is important. The first paragraph should end with the thesis statement.
In the body of the essay, you have to present each one of the outlined points in a separate paragraph. When presenting the evidence to back the point that you make you must use appropriate references created in line with the formatting style required by your professor. You have to use references when you present other people's ideas as well as facts and data from external sources.
In the conclusion, you should review the importance of the topic, the thesis and the main points that you have made.

You must not include any new information. You can, however, point the need for more extensive research in a specific direction. 
You are now ready for writing an argumentative essay.